Monday, February 13, 2012

2012 F1 Car Display Very Poor

A number of observers criticized the look of the Formula One (F1) in 2012. According to them, this year's F1 cars look very ugly.

Is a former racing driver Hans-Joachim Stuck who openly criticized the look of F1 cars. Stuck claimed this year's F1 car display, on average, very ugly.

"The tires are too narrow, too small rear wing and front wing too big, while the nose was very fail," said Stuck.

"This car is like imagining Heidi Klum without buttocks and chest. Unfortunately, that's what they've done with the new F1 cars. Let's hope at least a fast car."

Stuck is not the first to criticize the F1 car. Earlier, Pirelli motor sport director Paul Hembery also criticized the appearance of F1 cars this year.

Hemberly told The Sun, Monday (2/13/2012), featured an ugly car will eliminate the respect the audience and sponsors.

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