Friday, February 24, 2012

Alonso About F2012

BARCELONA - Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso admitted that the F2012 car is not the fastest car in the summer of 2012 but is still too early to judge where the position is in the constellation of F1 racers.

"Right now we do not know exactly where we are. I think maybe we're not the fastest but certainly we're not the slowest, so we have to wait and see, especially in the last test, "said Alonso was quoted as saying by Autosport, Thursday (23/02/2012).

Mainstay of Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso appeared to be not able to smile off.  Former world champion in 2005 and 2006 it was admitted yesterday test F2012 driven far from expectations. Although the team is said to still have time to fix before the official race.Although the team is said to still have time to fix before the official race.

When asked the results have been achieved, the Director of Engineering Pat Fry said, "I'm not happy at this testing session." I think a lot of opportunities to improve testing. Most importantly, good durability and good performance, I think it's fine. We can still improve the (car) parts, including components, but I did not say I'm happy, "explained Fry.

After a two-day test in Barcelona (the second official test), Alonso almost to understand the characteristics of the F2012. World champion in 2005 and 2006 is also often experimented with different types of tires.

"Sometimes we put a set of tires which are very long and constant speed boost, and in turn you become very slow. But there is one area where we still have to improve them: out of the corner is an area where we are still struggling, "I Alonso.

When asked whether he has the potential to bring the car to victory in Australia, Alonso said: "We shall see. I think it's too early to say so. "

"Of course we are very ambitious target. That's normal for Ferrari. You always try to achieve victory in the first race of the season if you want to be a competitor, so that's our target in the winter, "said the Spaniard was 30 years old.

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