Saturday, February 4, 2012

Alonso Confident With the Ability of F2012

MARANELLO-the face of Formula One (F1) 2012, Ferrari, following in the footsteps of their latest car launches McLaren. Racing driver Fernando Alonso is confident with the ability F2012.

The appearance of Ferrari in F1 in 2011 is indeed very disappointing. Ferrari Team was only able to record one victory, which is the most disappointing car manufacturer from Italy.

Currently, Alonso had forgotten the bad moments. Alonso can't wait to speed up the F2012. Despite the appearance of the nose on car F2012 used car like Caterham, but Alonso upbeat with the ability of the new car.

"This car does look different than what we have seen in the last two years," assessment of Alonso. "This is my third season at Ferrari and I will start with the toughness and full of determination. I would like to perform. "

"Of course, will be very competitive throughout the season, but we want to see the car was on the podium. We will start at Jerez next week, and we want to continue to work together. I am sure we will perform well in this season, "continued racing driver from Spain.

Alonso was aware, failure on the season yesterday, making stronghold Ferrari encouraged to improve appearance. With time left over two months away, former racing driver Renault is sure Ferrari could show his best abilities this season.

"I believe our ability at Ferrari. We have two months to prepare before the competition. We had to fight for the Championship title and captured points as much as possible, "explicitly reported by Autosport, Saturday (4/2/2012).

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