Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bahrain Formula One 2012 will be Canceled again?

MANAMA - Racing Formula One (F1) 2012 will take place in a few weeks away. Bahrain, which is scheduled to hold F1 in April, possibly back off, took place in Bahrain.

As is known, last year failed to Bahrain to host F1 after a riot in the country. Because it is not safe, then the FIA decided to abandon plans to hold a F1 race.

Although not yet declared safe by the government of Bahrain, but FIA Bahrain GP timetable still enter into the 2012 F1 calendar. But, again threatened the race canceled in progress, since the weekend, riots occurred again.

"Formula One is to monitor the situation there," writes the Guardian, Tuesday (02/14/2012). Council board of Formula One tried to stay humble, because they do not want to be involved in the pressure and speculation. "

According to several news agencies like Reuters, this week reported, protests against the government of Bahrain are re-rolling and get involved with clashes with security forces, who almost repeated the event in 2011.

"Traffic was stopped on the main road into town (Manama), and tear gas tubes, rubber bullets and stones littered the highway," added Reuters, about the conditions in Bahrain.

Held Cancel Bahrain GP, F1 Not Lack of Turnover

Cancellation of the Grand Prix Formula 1 (F1 GP) series does not necessarily make the Bahrain Financial jet car racing is affected. Because the F1 chief executive Bernie Ecclestone revealed that the organizers keep making payments even though the race was to be held.

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