Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Briatore Supports Alonso Winning F1 2012

Ferrari's new car to be used for this season's competition could not seem to match the speed of Red Bull. Even so, Fernando Alonso is believed to keep a chance to grab the world title.

Such opinion was expressed by former Renault boss Flavio Briatore, in his interview with Radio RAI.

In the meantime, the launch of Ferrari racing cars for the 2012 season will be conducted on 3 new February release.

Briatore believed the new car's performance will be better than last year even though he was also confident the car Red Bull is still a little faster. However, with skill, Alonso could have won at the end of the season.

"Red Bull had a big advantage and it has worked very quiet in the last few months," said Briatore.

"I saw the Ferrari, two or three tenths behind their dealing. If that is the case in the first race then Fernando Alonso can win the Championship. "

Last season, Ferrari was disappointing with only achieved victory once only. Alonso finished in 10th place, four himself while Felipe Massa was two steps below it.

Briatore Ferrari must establish focus judging to Alonso as a main with a mass driver racing supporters.

"Last season was very disappointing, but the new Mass return from previous published work, and he always appeared good. At the same time, the second driver must be in harmony with Fernando. The title champion only won a racing driver and team should focus with it, "straightforward Briatore

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