Monday, February 20, 2012

Ecclestone Make Sure the Bahrain GP Still be Held as Scheduled

CEO Formula 1, Bernie Ecclestone insists that the Bahrain GP will still be held as scheduled on April 22, coming back despite recent unrest in Bahrain capital, Manama. It is at once dismissed the news that states when the Grand Prix held in Bahrain canceled this year due to violence in the Gulf.

As is known, previously threatened to fail Bahrain GP was held back due to the violence that occurred in Bahrain during the celebration of Day of Wrath which took place last February 14.

In the event that occurred in the capital Manama is the youth involved throwing stones and Molotov cocktails with the police. This makes the carpet removed from the endangered F1 race calendar this year.

As a result of these events and the political atmosphere is not conducive in Bahrain, the FIA finally prompted international human rights organizations and politicians, a British organization Bahrain GP. However, in the end the request was immediately rejected by Ecclestone.

"The only message I get is only a few children were involved in clashes with police. So, we are still going to plan the F1 race in Bahrain, "said Ecclestone told the Daily Telegraph.

Ecclestone himself is unsure when the riots occurred only on the day of anger. In fact, the people of Bahrain itself is quite sure when the race will still be held in the country.

Moreover, Ecclestone has so far not getting rejection letters from F1 teams. Therefore, the title race in Bahrain will continue to be held on 22 April 2012 in accordance with previous plans.

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