Friday, February 24, 2012

Fernando Alonso's Target for 2012 Season

In the 2011 season, Alonso had a difficult time with the "Scuderia". World champion in 2005 and 2006 was only reaping a victory, so they hope to embrace the world title should be gone.

But for this 2012 season, Alonso is optimistic. The Spaniard is hoping it can realize the Maranello squad for the Italian public expectations and Ferrari fans in general.

"It looks very different from what we've seen in the last two years," Alonso said about this new car, which boasts a radical change in style platypus snout (like a duck beak), which was used by Caterham.

"My third season at Ferrari and I would start with the same strength, as well as determination. I want to do very well.

"Of course it's more competitive for the season, but we want to see this red car on the podium. We will start next week in Jerez and continue to work together. I am sure we will do well this year."

Former Renault and McLaren driver is added, Ferrari has everything to become a champion. Therefore, the chance to become world champion in the 2012 season is wide open, after they had last held her in 2007, with Kimi Raikkonen, who in the 2012 season to return to F1 with Lotus team.

"I am confident in the capability is here, in the Ferrari. We have two months to prepare before the first competition. We have to fight for the championship title and trying to grab as many points as possible. We really want to be in the top position.

"We have to show consistent and strong, I believe, very, very confident we can achieve the entire target and have a great responsibility as a Ferrari."

Alonso: Ferrari Have Everything for the World Champion 2012

Fernando Alonso believes Ferrari has a structure and staff needed to get back on track world champion. Nevertheless, the Spaniard refused to comment further about the prospect of "Scuderia" in the 2012 season.

"We're all optimistic," said former Renault and McLaren driver is. "Everyone gave their best, but probably to Malaysia or China, the second or third race, we will not be able to find out how good his car.

"I know we will be holding a number of tests in the winter and you can see it as a race. However, to China, we will not know the potential of the car."

Now Alonso confident to face the new season because Ferrari had to restructure and recruit riders, following last year's arrival of Pat Fry, who is now director of engineering teams.

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