Friday, February 3, 2012

Ferrari Take a Risks With New Design F2012

Ferrari admits, they have taken risks with the design of new cars this year, compared with previous cars. Maranello-based team in the state, F2012 car, which was launched on Friday (02.03.12), will be more aggressive in order to achieve the target of becoming world champion Formula 1 2012 season.

Indeed, there are radical changes in some parts, especially on the muzzle. This is the first time a car uses a pull-rod suspension front, since the Minardi did in 2001.

Next, the team also has worked hard on the sidepod and rear of the car, and tries and creates favorable aerodynamics, for an advance that could beat the Red Bull Racing.

Technical director, Pat Fry, confirmed that Ferrari deliberately decided an aggressive approach to the car this year, and never afraid to push to the limit.

"A lot of people have said many things, and it's a little step away from our presence," he told Ferrari's official website. "Of course we have to take more risks on the basis of the layout of the car and stuff like that, but overall everyone has been doing a good job.

"But we have to toil and began pushing for the upgrade since the first race and throughout the year."

Ferrari is planning a major development that will be introduced at the last test in Barcelona in March, as well as further improvements to the first race in Australia.


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