Friday, February 24, 2012

Ferrari Warn to Felipe Massa

                                                                    Felipe Massa - AFP/FRED DUFOUR
Ferrari warn to Felipe Massa, in order to improve the quality of his races this season if they want to stay on the team next season. In the 2011 season, Massa performance is very bad and never once took place on the podium.

In fact, in the same season with the same car, the other Ferrari driver, Fernando Alonso, won third place at the end of the season, and repeatedly took the podium.

Warning for Massa to improve its appearance posed Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo on Friday (03/02/2012) in London.

"He knows as much as we knew and he had to do something big, something much better after a season that is not positive in the past year. We offer the best conditions for doing a great job," said Montezemolo.

Massa had difficulty performing after recovering from injuries from an accident in Hungary in 2009. Ferrari determined to become world champion again so that the rider must always be his best achievement in each series.So the 2012 season for Felipe Massa Crucial

Ferrari team principal, Stefano Domenicali warned Felipe Massa. According to him, the 2012 season to be very crucial for the Brazilian rider linked his future with the Italian squad.

Massa was always under the shadow of his teammate, Fernando Alonso, in the last two seasons. Even in the 2011 season, Massa failed to meet expectations because I've never climbed the podium.

This is what makes Ferrari started thinking about the future of the rider. With his contract completed by the end of the 2012 season, Domenicali asked Massa to improve performance so that its position in the squad "Prancing Horse" stays safe. Nevertheless, he remains convinced Italy, Massa could fulfill their wishes.

"As you can imagine, this year is an important year for Felipe," said Domenicali Wrooom event. "We expect a lot to him, and he himself too."

"We need something that is realistic. This is a crucial season for him and his future."

"We will do anything to help. I am sure, Felipe will spend all of his ability because of the potential of very, very strong."

Domenicali also praised Alonso's performance since he joined the Maranello squad this. He admitted that he had never seen one like that in the last 20 years.

"From each, we hope more and more to do what he did last year with the car we had. Level exceptional performance," added Domenicali. "The highest level and he was able to maximize the car so I have to say that Fernando could perform at that level is fantastic."

"I cannot ask more than what he is doing now, and I must say that the last few years he spent more time at Maranello than others, that I've seen based on my experience of 20 years at Ferrari."

"He is with us because he is convinced and confident with this team will win many victories in the future," said Domenicali, who once denied the news that Robert Kubica Ferrari target instead of Massa.

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