Friday, February 24, 2012

Hamilton: Red Bull may be the Fastest

BARCELONA - McLaren drivers Lewis Hamilton claimed Red Bull R88 looks much faster than his MP4-27 after passing the second day of testing at Barcelona.

By not knowing how much gas is filled in and diving teams a variety of different programs, record lap time in the real pre-season tests can be deceiving.

However, on Wednesday, February 22 through Hamilton yesterday with racing simulations gobble up 120 laps and was still losing time record of 0.626 seconds owned by Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel at the same time defending champions of diving 104 laps.

"In general I think he looks very, very competitive, maybe a bit faster than us. But again it must be remembered, we do not know how much gasoline that he fill-it is still too early to say, "Hamilton said as quoted by Autosport, Thursday (02/23/2012).

Regarding the performance of his MP4-27, Hamilton said he was surprised by the pace car at the corner. "The truth is quite surprising, this car is very good grip in fast corners."

Asked whether he was able to grab pole position when the qualifying session held this Thursday, Hamilton replied: "Absolutely not, to what do I do? Especially if there is money to wager for that! I want to say that Red Bull may be the fastest to date. "

Red Bull Decision Support FIA about Bahrain

Red Bull's senior team Christian Horner says his team and other teams are supporting the FIA's decision to stay in Bahrain F1 series. However, Horner insisted there should be no abrupt cancellation of the plan.

Current political situation in Bahrain is quite possible Bahrain F1 series was postponed. However, F1 supreme Bernie Ecclestone said officials are no concerns regarding the implementation of Bahrain F1 series.

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