Thursday, February 23, 2012

Impressive Performances Hulkenberg in Barcelona

BARCELONA - Force India young driver, Nico Hulkenberg impressive comeback in the official test F1GP second day at the Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona. Hulkenberg beat Sergio Perez of the Sauber team and Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull team.

Hulkenberg 24-year-old fix impressive record improves on the first day of testing on Wednesday. On this occasion, as reported from PlanetF1, Thursday (2/23/2012), the German driver posted the fastest time was 1 minute 22 608 seconds after 112 laps devour.

"We made a lot of laps (on Wednesday) and perform a constant speed, some aero work and some data collection as well as gaining a good knowledge. Once again the car had proved so can be driven, "explained Hulkenberg.

Asked if he used tires from the first day on Tuesday, February 20th and are super soft tires, the drivers from the 24-year-old German replied diplomatically: "You always want to do a good lap-we are a race car driver, you have to push as fast as possible and try up to the limit to see where their weaknesses. "

Hulkenberg impressive performance was followed by Sauber driver, Sergio Perez who became the second fastest rider at the test session. Perez, who recorded a time of 1 minute 22 648 seconds with 85 laps behind only beaten 0040 seconds of Hulkenberg.

Meanwhile, the world champion last season, Sebastian Vettel, must be willing to become the third fastest driver in the trial. Vettel clocked 1 minute 22 891 seconds in the tests with over 104 laps.

One candidate F1GP 2012 season champion, Fernando Alonso, only ranked fourth in the test, through a time of 1menit 23 180 seconds. In the fifth, Daniel Ricciardo of Toro Rosso team scored a record time of 1 minute 23 639 seconds.

Lewis Hamilton became the busiest in the test driver this time by devouring 120 laps. Although no obstacles in his racing car, Hamilton could only occupy the top six fastest, after a record time of 1 minute 23 806 seconds.

Second Test Results F1 in Barcelona:

1. N Hulkenberg (Force India) 1:22.608 112 laps

2. S Perez (Sauber) 1:22.648 85 laps 0040

3. S Vettel (Red Bull) 1:22.891 104 laps 0283

4. F Alonso (Ferrari) 1:23.180 87 laps 0572

5. D Ricciardo (Toro Rosso) 1:23.639 50 laps 1031

6. L Hamilton (McLaren) 1:23.806 120 laps 1198

7. N Rosberg (Mercedes) 1:24.555 82 laps 1947

8. V Bottas (Williams) 1:25.738 117 laps 3250

9. V Petrov (Caterham) 1:26.605 69 laps 3997

10. C Pic (Marussia) 1:28.092 108 laps 5484

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