Friday, February 24, 2012

Maldonado fastest in the Third Day Defeat Schumacher

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BARCELONA - Driver Williams, Pastor Maldonado made a surprise pre-season test at the Catalunya circuit that has entered the third day. He became the fastest rider to beat the other racers like Michael Schumacher and Kamui Kobayashi.

Although not meant as only a test, but this is a rare sight. For long-Williams team is not in the top ranks of the screen time.

Maldonado almost makes the distance of 1 second to Schumacher, who finished second. Driving a Mercedes W03 with soft compound tires, winner of seven Formula 1 world champion was 0.993 seconds behind. The German rider had been in the top position, before a minute later Maldonado defeated.

Sauber driver, Kamui Kobayashi, is ranked third. He beat the McLaren driver, Jenson Button, who with the MP4-27 had to settle for fourth.

Using the latest car Williams FW34 Maldonado fastest time with 1 minute 22 391 seconds with only spending 106 laps. In the test this time racing, he also uses the type of super soft Pirelli tires. Maldonado also had recorded the fastest time so far this week at the Grand Prix of Spain by spending 107 laps.

In the second place there is veteran driver, Schumacher. Back down to the latest Mercedes AMG cars WO3, Schumacher worked hard to spend 127 laps to be in second position. Seven-time world champion was also able to get the fastest time in the morning session.

 Kamui Kobayashi on third place. Even so, he only needs it for the 100 lap record time of 1 minute 23 582 seconds with the car of his Sauber C31.

 Jenson Button (McLaren) only in fourth position with 1 minute 23 918 and spent 114 laps.

Filippe Massa of Ferrari only able to occupy the sixth position with his F2012 with a time of 1 minute 24 771 by spending 84 laps. Mark Webber also recorded the same time with the Mass, but Webber with RB8 need to record more lap time by spending 97 laps.

The third day of the following test results:
1 Maldonado (Williams FW34) 1.22.391, 106 laps
2 Schumacher (Mercedes AMG W03) 1.23.384, 127 laps
3 Kobayashi (Sauber C31) 1.23.582, 99 laps
4 Button McLaren MP4-27 1.23.918, 114 laps
5 Vergne (Toro Rosso STR7) 1.24.433, 78 laps
Massa Ferrari F2012 6 1.24.771, 84 laps
7 Webber (Red Bull RB8) 1.24.771, 97lap
8 In Resta (Force India VJM05) 1.25.646, 83 laps
9. Glock (Marussia MVR02) 1.26.173, 108 laps
10 Petrov (Caterham CT01) 1.26.448, 70 laps

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