Sunday, February 26, 2012

Maldonado: Positive Test for Williams

BARCELONA - Driver Williams, Pastor Maldonado became one of the surprises in the pre-season F1 tests at Barcelona last day to become the second fastest driver. No doubt Maldonado is considered a positive test for Williams team.

Naturally, if the test is considered positive, the article good record Maldonado was incised. On the third day of testing, Maldonado became the first driver to record the fastest time of 1 minute 22 391 seconds. His appearance was still slick on the last day of the race for second fastest with a time of 1 minute 22 561 seconds.

"It was a positive test for the team. We do not have a problem with the car, a good distance in the whole four days, "said Maldonado Sunday (26/02/2012).

Maldonado also revealed that the test results of his team managed to collect data that will be used to develop the Williams team car. He was excited to look at the next test and return to compete in the arena F1GP 2012.

"We now have great data to analyze, so we will continue our drive to develop cars for the next test. I look forward to returning next week for the last test and race again soon, "said Maldonado.

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