Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mark Webber: Never underestimate Ferrari

Mark Webber admitted, is an error if the Ferrari is not taken into account at the beginning of Formula 1 2012 season. According to Mark, "Scuderia" has great potential to surprise, even though Red Bull Racing and McLaren made a major favorite.

Indeed, the Ferrari was not too bright on the two tests inaugural pre-season. But according to Red Bull, the results during the winter are not a guarantee to deal with the series premiere - especially since Ferrari has a potential driver Fernando Alonso.

"As long as Fernando is still behind the wheel, he will always be there," said Mark Webber. "So, you must never forget Fernando.

"I think McLaren looked good during the preparation, but we've seen in the past where people are very irregular during the winter, but when the first race they were so organized.

"We focus on our self. We still have a lot of jobs in Milton Keynes for five or six days to prepare the car in the next trial, and then lower it to race in Melbourne.

Webber said he was satisfied with the progress experienced by Red Bull. Australian rider was also hoped, would bring the car RB8 impressive show during the Formula 1 2012 season since the series opener later.

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