Wednesday, February 1, 2012

McLaren Launches MP4-23

McLaren unveils its Formula one car for the 2012 season, Wednesday (1/2/12). Car MP4-25 is expected to be able to compete for the title world champion F1, after they failed in the last three seasons.

Last year, the Mercedes Team this should be reinforced dreams of repeating the feat in 2008, when Lewis Hamilton became the world champion. They had to settle for runner up, after losing to compete with Red Bull Racing. Total, McLaren just collect six victories over Hamilton and Jenson Button.

Well, with the MP4-24, a team based in Working is put high hopes to be able to defeat the Red Bull, which dominated F1 in the last two seasons.

"I'm very excited," said Button, runners-up last season, when the launch event. "This is the moment we see how hard we work. It's been a very exciting day.

"Everyone in this team continue to work since we put an end to the 2011 race, to repair the car as it did in the simulator, and I look forward to the test in Jerez.

"I'm sure all people feel free when you start doing the test, and I'm looking forward to it to give it a try."

Hamilton added: "I think this is fantastic. Fun can be here after a fun winter, when everything is working hard to build this car. "

The team admitted, this new car resembling a machine 2011. However this chassis the MP4-18 has been substantially revised, where all the main system has been updated or redesigned to welcome the new season.

The most obvious difference is the rear bodywork being slimmer, and cooling system which has been revised. U-shaped Side pod being used in the past year has also been redesigned, to adapt the new FIA regulations on exhaust.

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