Saturday, February 11, 2012

Raikkonen Drives the New Lotus E20

Team Lotus has officially launched its new car to compete in the Formula 1 Grand Prix in 2012. Lotus E20 will have to ride two flagship their racer, Kimi Raikkonen and his tandem, Roman Grosjean.

As a control wheel, Raikkonen so appreciate the hard work of Lotus mechanics. Finnish senior rider is believed that the E20 feasible to compete with other big teams like Red Bull, McLaren and Ferrari.

"I think they (team mechanic) know how to auto-create the good, and although the greatest team of all cars were not able to produce champions in every year," Raikkonen said as quoted by Autosport, Monday, February 6, 2012.

"They are people who are highly qualified and sensitive to this issue. The team has worked hard, so we hope to achieve good results in the championship, "he said.

Raikkonen had to leave F1 at the end of the 2009 season, and then choose to take part in the World Rally Championship event. Now, riders born 32 years ago it decided to return to the pole stage and join the Lotus began the 2012 season.

Despite a break of two seasons, Raikkonen could still be so confident on the track to race F1. Former Ferrari driver performance is also dependent on the latest Lotus vehicles.

"It would be a little different with my time in Formula 1 before, with the team and different regulations. For some people, it was a bit difficult to adjust to new things, "he added.

"It will greatly depend on the car. If you have a good car, then your career will be easier than if you only have a standard car. What is clear, I am very happy after a trial in two weeks ago. I feel ready to start the race early, "said world champion in F1 2007.

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