Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Reason Why the Lotus F1 was Named E20

Lotus-Renault F1 Team has announced the name of the 'pole' of their new. Lotus chose the name as the 20th anniversary of the E20 chassis was first made by the F1 teams are based in Enstone.

Enstone has been the team's headquarters since 1992. The team formerly known as Renault is now carrying the banner of Lotus. Reported by Autosport, Lotus new car is scheduled to be introduced to the public on 5 February.

"Naming based on our chassis to recognize the importance of Enstone in the evolution of the team and recognize the contribution of facilities and personnel who work hard every year to produce the best cars," said Lotus boss, Eric Boullier.

"There are some technical changes compared to last year and we've got a new driver that will yield the maximum of E20 in 20 series 2012 racing season, including races for-500 for a team that has been reincarnated. We hope E20 can be evidence of design performance Enstone , "added Boullier.

In the 2012 race season, Lotus F1 has appointed two main drivers that former Ferrari driver, Kimi Raikonen and Romain Grosjean.

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