Friday, February 3, 2012

This is the Hope of Ferrari for F2012

Ferrari had high expectations of the new car for the Formula 1 season in 2012, the newly launched on Friday (3/2/12) morning. The team, based in Maranello is wanted, car F2012 it immediately scored a victory since the start of the season, so that they could put an end to the dominance of Red Bull Racing F1 who ruled in the last two seasons.

Team principal, Stefano Domenicali, said that he was confident with the changes made at Maranello. It was contrived by bitter experience throughout 2011, where "Scuderia" experienced a very difficult period.

"I'm sure, our car WINS since the beginning. We've got a lot of lessons from the past, and take some tough decisions. But I am sure, all our efforts will be represented with this car, "said Domenicalli.

This new Ferrari cars have some extreme elements, including a very aggressive move on the muzzle of the car, which accommodate changes rules for this year about restrictions on the high muzzle. Although there are many new things, but Domenicali admitted that the car F2012 this is not a major reshuffle of the earlier car's engine.

"From a technical point of view, we have a lot of new things in terms of mechanical and also its form. But we want sustainability here, and hopefully we will achieve good performance. We only have 12 days to work on this car and achieve reliability, as well as testing new Pirelli tires provide us. "

Domenicali also praised compositions of his racers, Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa. In the same time, she also reveals that the cooperation with the sponsorship of Santander has been extended until the end of 2017.


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