Sunday, February 19, 2012

Vettel Equated with the F1 Legend

                                                                      Sebastian Vettel  Photo: Getty Images
Former Formula 1 racing driver Stirling Moss praised Sebastian Vettel with the double world champion calls it a modern manifestation of the legendary Juan Manuel Fangio.

Fangio was mentioned many circles as one of the greatest F1 driver of all time thanks to his performance won the title five times F1 driver along the decade of the 1950s. Fangio won the F1 in 1951, 1954, 1955, 1956, and 1957. Meanwhile, Moss itself is a serious rival Fangio in the period.

Fangio is the holder of many records in F1 that still stands to this day, the holder of the highest winning percentage by 46 percent, the highest percentage of pole position with 55.8 percent, the oldest world champion in 46 years 41 days, and the only rider who won with four teams (Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Mercedes, and Maserati).

Fangio who was born in Argentina in 1911, died at the age of 84 years in 1995.

'Vettel is a modern Fangio, really. I can see, in addition to natural ability, how he could be so good, how did he become so good, " said Moss.

"I think Vettel is quite remarkable, and he's got the best car, which I think is quite fair because the best drivers always get the best car," said Moss.

"Fangio look around and take what he wants while the other drivers can only take what's left," said Moss.

"We are fortunate that Vettel has a good sense of humor. He's really a very good world champion, "said Moss.

"I can think of when other people get these positions so they would not give back what they can, but Vettel did," said the British man who is now 82-year-old.

Vettel Start Calculate Kimi

Lotus Renault driver, Kimi Raikkonen was regarded as a serious opponent by Red Bull, Sebastian Vettel. Raikkonen's performance at Jerez is the basic assumption that Vettel.

Raikkonen himself is not a stranger to Vettel. Though Raikkonen had turned into the world of rallying, but they still contact each other. Even Vettel admitted often play badminton with Raikkonen in Switzerland. Who would have thought, Vettel was him appearance on Raikkonen at Jerez official test session F1GP.

"If he was as good as shown in Jerez, then Kimi is a serious opponent," said Vettel, was launched from Motorsport.

The good performance of Kimi Raikkonen could not be separated from the impressive performance of the latest Lotus sports car, the E 20. Lotus team technical director, James Allison revealed that the car's performance is the result of the development of the mechanical team.

"We're all trying to find a place with other teams, but in all cases, we do not know anything for sure until the opening in Melbourne. The important thing is the car drove well, not only of the mechanical side, but also in terms of perceived driver is important, "said Allison.

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