Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Webber: I need to Improve

Photo: AFP
Red Bull team rider, Mark Webber, feel the need to improve if it wants to beat his team mate, Sebastian Vettel. His appearance in the 2011 season is not good so far behind the world champion, Sebastian Vettel.

"I look is not good last year and is still a lot to me to fix. I will remain critical on myself and keep improving the ability to keep up," Webber said on Wednesday (2/15/2012) in Melbourne, Australia.
Photo: AFP

Weber often has problems at the start. It made appearances last season is not optimal.

"I still have to train a few things. I look not as good last season in 2010. I will continue to refine how to make a good start," said Webber.

Age Not Determinants of the Future, But Achievement

Mark Webber confirmed that age is not a major factor to determine its future. "A feat that will be determining whether he will retire or not." said Webber.

35-year-old rider has signed contract duration of one-year extension with Red Bull Racing, in the summer. Nevertheless, there are rumors that he would soon retire.

"Indeed, many who doubt me now. In fact (according to the media) I have been replaced by a (Kimi) Raikkonen four years ago!" Australia is advanced rider.

Webber also added that last season was the worst period in his career despite sitting third in the final standings F1. "Obviously last year I was very bad performance. There should be some races where I could do better."

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