Thursday, February 9, 2012

Webber: We made good progress on RB8

Mark Webber (Foto: Reuters)
Jerez - Red Bull Racing did not show a satisfactory performance in the two tests in Jerez, Spain. However, Webber assess the appearance of the car RB8 boomed to become a fast car this year

In the second test Wednesday night, ending the test with Webber was ranked second. Red Bull only lost approximately six seconds faster than Michael Schumacher is the fastest driver.

"The test today was fun. I think we made good progress. However, I again say it is too early to assess the concept of the car and we had to work hard before the race. However, the same goes for all teams," said Webber.

For two days, Webber was performed greatly with a maximum. He managed to run the car for about 151 rounds at the Jerez circuit. Durability of this car that makes Webber became dissatisfied.

"We did well in the distance. I think we could probably do better, but overall positive results and conditions to perform the test are good," continued the racer from Australia.

After the first two days of tests carried out by Webber, Sebastian Vettel's turn to take the test in the next two days. Each on Thursday and Friday.

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