Friday, March 23, 2012

Button Feels Malaysia GP will be more Difficult

Jenson Button believes McLaren will face tougher competition in Malaysia this weekend than in Australia. According to the British rider's Red Bull, Mercedes, and Lotus and performed poorly in Melbourne.
'' It would be fierce, but in addition to the three of them, other teams will also look good,'' he said.

'' As a team we work very well except for a few things. If the Red Bulls have started a compact-so did several other teams, they will be very competitive.''

Button adds a relatively easy victory in the opening GP in Australia,'' gives confidence to the team that we really ready to compete for this season.''

This is very different from last year when Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull dominate early in the season and won the championship with relative ease.
The position of the two

Button says McLaren will do well in Malaysia because there is a circuit that has twists and variations are similar to the Circuit de Catalunya in Spain, where this year's pre-season training race.

He said there is no reason why McLaren cannot reach the position of the two in Sepang on Sunday.

'' It matters to keep things running well and not make mistakes,'' he said.

Meanwhile, Vettel admitted Red Bull is not able to compete with McLaren while he and his partner Mark Webber recorded a perfect round.

'' Our car is not fast enough to be in the forefront,'' he said.

'' All around us they offer a more powerful package. We tried hard. A good race. But we played poorly in qualifying.''

'' They were on top for now and may well be so separately weekend. But these circuits with different characters. We'll see.''

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