Friday, March 23, 2012

Button Liked The Character of The Sepang Circuit

Sepang - Jenson Button is determined to win the Malaysian GP this season. Moreover, the driver of the McLaren team admitted liked the character of the Sepang circuit.

McLaren showed its dominance in Australia GP by placing Button and Lewis Hamilton as a champion in the third podium. Despite noting that Red Bull will try to get up in Malaysia, Button remained optimistic regarding his team at the time.

In a press conference ahead of the first free practice will be held on Friday (03/23/2012) morning local time, Button claims that he loved the character of the Sepang circuit. He became a champion on the circuit in 2009, while still defending the Brawn GP.

"Yes (I like it). This circuit has the character of fast and flowing, very smooth when compared to a street circuit," Button said as quoted by Planet F1.

"This circuit is always difficult for a car tire. But we have no choice in medium and hard tires, and the circuit is suitable for hard tires, so it would not be a problem," he continued.

If there is Button concern, then it is the weather factor. He said it was hard to guess the weather in Sepang.

"I think the air temperature and humidity will be the biggest obstacle. And this is one place where you do not know what kind of weather to come."

"When I last won here, because there are shorter races last red flag. Usually does not rain here. However, if the rains end, we hope that the race could still take place because this is a great circuit," he said.

In the 2009 race, the race lasted just 31 laps. Red flag hoisted after heavy rains come flushed.

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