Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Domenicali: Ferrari Era Will Return

Maranello - Ferrari team manager Stefano Domenicali insists that the foundation for the Scuderia to return to victory lane has been installed properly. Domenicali remains optimistic despite their new F2012 car trouble during preseason testing.

"Sports are like a circle. In the last 13 years, McLaren won the constructors' title only once and the title of the drivers, Renault had two fantastic seasons but did not get anything, get one constructor Brawn, Mercedes only achieved two podiums in the last three years and is now the era Red Bull, "Crash said Domenicali was quoted as saying on Sunday (3/11/2012).

Of the three pre-season tests, F2012 failed to appear impressive car for the problems suffered. Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa predicted to be difficult to get a podium though. However, Domenicali believes the era of the season Ferrari will be back.

Only, Domenicali predicts that competition in the 2012 season will be more stringent

"I say to you as someone who experienced the era (Michael) Schumacher and I have to reiterate how much we suffer before reaching that stage," said Domenicali.

"Maybe this is the same as the 1982 World Cup when Italy suffered a bad start but eventually could win it. Ferrari will be back with another winning era, "Domenicali believes.

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