Wednesday, March 21, 2012

F1 Boss Big Angry

MELBOURNE  - F1 boss, Bernie Ecclestone, angry lawmakers Australia, Kelvin Thompson, for insulting the lifestyle of his daughter, Tamara.

In an interview with a Melbourne radio station, 3AW, Ecclestone calls from Labour MPs as a fool and should be fired.

Thompson called Tamara by the term "billionaire bogan", an Australian slang. This is a questionable Ecclestone. "What does it mean Bogan? What is synonymous with trashy? What is this person used to speaking in English?" Ecclestone said.

Ecclestone said that even that term should be addressed to Thompson himself. Thompson attacked the Ecclestone family in a speech in parliament last week. "What he is? Should he be fired because of stupid and do not know what he's talking about," said Ecclestone. "Australia was not a communist country?"

As a father, Ecclestone all-out defense of his daughter. "She does charity work far more than the 'master middle of nowhere' (Thompson) was. She also donated money to charity so much more. Money belongs to my daughter was not obtained from stolen, my money is not stolen as well. They are entitled to spend time and for anything, "said Ecclestone.

Thompson questioned the use of 52.6 million U.S. dollars of funds for financing the Australian GP calls will only enrich the Ecclestone family. He also touched on the television show "Billion Dollar Girl" which contains about a lifestyle of luxury Tamara Ecclestone.

In the event disclosed that includes a wealth Tamara equipped luxury home elevator for her Ferrari car, modern shoe rack for the 200 pairs, a private bowling track, and crystals bath worth 1.5 million U.S. dollars.

Thompson himself refused to retract his statement or apologize. "She (Tamara) not Greta Garbo could say, 'Do not interfere in my affairs.'"

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