Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Formula 1 - Battles of the Red Bull vs McLaren will Fluctuation

Red Bull Racing team principal Christian Horner says that the battle between the McLaren team will take place on the Formula 1 season fluctuation of 2012. Racing will take place after the race tight, and not always the dominant McLaren.

Horner's statement was referring to an ongoing series premiere Circuit Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia, March 18 yesterday. In the race, Sebastian Vettel was unable to stop the McLaren driver, Jenson Button, who eventually became the winner. But he believes McLaren will not be able to master all of the series.

"We saw it last year in which there is movement up and down - with a matching circuit with several different cars and different characteristics," he explained.

"We see the change from one weekend to another weekend. McLaren is always good here, and if you remember Lewis (Hamilton) Seb disrupt most of the race last year.

"So I think there is a circuit that will affect performance, but I think the current number of teams have been very close in the battle. As usual, there will be development of the race between now and the end of the season. Anyone who has the best performance of fast cars will benefit from it. "

Horner thinks that Vettel and his teammate, Mark Webber, did not get the maximum potential from RB8 during the Australian Grand Prix weekend - which means in theory they could do a better job against McLaren in the future.

"We know the McLaren of winter testing, in which they are competitive, and we have seen here this weekend," he said. "But our speed is almost the same in every race with them here - and none of our riders was deeply pleased with their cars during the weekend.

"We know where we need to make improvements, and we took many positives from this weekend, with one podium (Vettel who finished second) and finished fourth (Webber)."

Horner also argues that the Malaysian GP this weekend, in which the Sepang circuit requires very different aerodynamic characteristics, will be able to help the Red Bull Racing for closer to McLaren.

"I hope so," he explained. "I think that Malaysia has a very different prospect than here (Australia). Here the corner short, wavy and not many high speed corners. But Malaysia offers a variant of it, so I thought it would be interesting to see.

"We also expect McLaren to be quick in Malaysia, but hopefully we'll be in better condition than when qualifying here."

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