Friday, March 23, 2012

Lewis Hamilton Quickest in Both Practice Sessions Malaysia

Lewis Hamilton of McLaren driver clocked the fastest time in two practice sessions at the Grand Prix of Malaysia, Friday, March 23.
2008 world champion was leading in front of Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull in the first session was in the second session he was faster than that recorded second Mercedes driver, Michael Schumacher.

Meanwhile, Jenson Button (who won the opening season race in Australia) in the third fastest time in second practice session.

Hamilton responded to his performance in practice in Malaysia as it is encouraging, especially after he just is ranked third in Australian GP despite starting in the first position.

"It's a good day for us, I am very happy with car balance. I did a few changes since the last race and obviously I can always be better," he said.

Hamilton added that among other settings in Australia are modified for racing practice session Malaysia.

"I use a different wing in the last race that I did not use it within a year."

Tough competition?

The results of this training session Malaysia seems to be one indication of the ability to compensate Red Bull McLaren, who dominated the last two racing seasons.

2009 and 2010 world champion, Sebastian Vettel, training sessions reportedly complained to his team because it believes the car 'can not be driven' when he could be in the top ten positions.

"I was not happy. I want more up front but in general we are pretty good. There are many things to do," Vettel said after practice.

"We slipped a bit much and I want the car more predictable and stable from the beginning."

Meanwhile, Jenson Button believes that the race will be tighter this season because other teams are also better.

"Lotus will be tight, also the Red Bulls. If you see this time of day, they are competitive and consistent," said Button.

As for other major teams, Ferrari, appear less convincing in a practice session in Malaysia, with Felipe Massa in the ranking of 13 and Fernando Alonso instead at number 15.

Malaysian Grand Prix will be held on Sunday, March 25 with qualifying rounds Saturday, March 24.

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