Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Main Target of Ferrari is World Champion

MELBOURNE - The Ferrari driver, Fernando Alonso, his team presented the main target this season is to win the F1 world champion. To that end, Alonso wanted to start the season with a positive achievement in the opening session of the race on Saturday (03/17/2012) later.

Melbourne is a series of F1 2012 season opener, and Alonso admitted very confident to deal with. Even so, Alonso still feels still need to understand the complexity of his new car, the Ferrari F2012.

"I am confident. I was very relaxed with the possibility of our car. I think winter is a difficult moment for us with the number of tests performed. This car is quite complex in terms of setting and understanding of it, "Alonso said, Thursday (15/03/2012).

This Spaniard refused if the Ferrari F2012 racing car is slower than its competitors. To that end, Alonso is ready to prove the opening race by saying, "Maybe we did not achieve our target, but that does not mean a slower car to another. About the speed that we will not know until Saturday." "

Ferrari has so far not been won, after last season title in 2007 when defending Kimi Raikkonen. Although he was to pick up Fernando Alonso, who won the F1 season 2005 and 2006, the title still has not been a provision Ferrari. As a result the target was carried by a team bearing the Prancing Horse.

"We want to be a world champion in November, was the main target in Melbourne and we should have a good start. But we'll find out just how competitive our car on a Saturday, "he explained.

The former Renault driver also insisted he was very confident with this team in helping him to compete for world titles. To that end, he will try to look my best to look my best in Melbourne.

"We will collect any pieces of the best performances in Melbourne for the first time. In the winter testing you always do a few different programs. I believe this team. I truly believe this team and this will be a long championship, and Ferrari will always be there, "he said.

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