Friday, March 23, 2012

New Chassis Make Massa Optimistic

Sepang - Bad Shown in Australian Grand Prix, Felipe Massa equipped with new chassis for the race in Malaysia. With a new chassis, Brazilian Ferrari driver believes he may be able to better results at Sepang.
Massa perform very poorly in the Albert Park F1 2012 series opener in Australia last weekend. Can be the starting 16, he then failed to finish the race because of an incident with Bruno Senna.
These results, coupled with unsatisfactory records Mass since last season, making him a position as a companion to Fernando Alonso questioned. Emerging news that he'd thrown a Ferrari.

But armed with a new chassis, Massa believes that this weekend he can get better results.

"This team is very professional, leave what does not work well and improve the performance of what is good for me and also good for them. I believe this is the solution to give the car that I need," he continued.

While criticizing the news related hectic performance, Massa did not want to bother with it all. The one on his head is now just trying to race your best and give the best for the team.

"I really do not care (about the media criticism), I have a job. The only thing I do is drive the car and the car had shown that I am 100% provides the best," he finished.

Alonso Abandonment

Fernando Alonso did not expect much when competing in F1 Malaysia as series II which took place at the Sepang Circuit on Sunday (25/3). Meanwhile, Felipe Massa who is a teammate using the new chassis will perform a post-collision in Australia (last week).

Ferrari's decision to give a new chassis number 294 at the Mass was to make the Brazilian driver was able to achieve maximum results, but also to see the performance and capabilities of the rider. "This option was taken to bury doubts about the performance of his car to complain about either when in Albert Park," said a spokesman for Ferrari.

As for Alonso does not target the F2012 could look easier than in Australia? According to the Spaniard, not much can be done optimally within one week. "In Malaysia, we will compete to be defensive and there is no other way. So, we try to adapt as possible, and it is not easy," said Alonso.

He added that there are two points we would work great attention, which is compromised in terms of aerodynamic balance and tire degradation. "Sepang has two straight lines, and it was very long. Differences with Australia, there are two straight trajectories, but only once using the DRS although quite short," explained the former world champion in 2005 and 2006.

Although resigned to the F2012's performance, he still had a chance to conquer the duo McLaren and Red Bull. The reason, according to information from radar, rain will accompany the riders on Saturday and Sunday.

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