Saturday, March 17, 2012

Free Practice III GP Australia 2012 | Schumi Not Dreaming to Win at Albert Park

ALBERT PARK - Michael Schumacher look impressive over the weekend, and able to be in fourth place at Australian GP qualifying on Saturday (03.17.12). However, the veteran German rider refuses to talk about winning the series opener on the 2012 season in Formula 1 Circuit Albert Park, Melbourne on Sunday (03.18.12) later.

Indeed, Schumacher - Schumacher greeting - have attracted the attention of lovers of F1 since the first free practice on Friday. He has consistently been at the forefront, including when it became the fastest rider on the second free practice. This shows that Mercedes has made a step forward during the winter.

In the last qualifying session, Schumacher and teammate, Nico Rosberg, while providing a promising appearance. Even in Q2, Rosberg was in the first position while the third Schumacher, McLaren duo before they were defeated in Q3, where Schumacher was fourth and Rosberg down to the seventh position.

Start of the second row, Schumacher would have a good chance to poke straight forward. However, the seven-time F1 world champion was not thinking about winning, which would make the record 92 victories during his career, because he just wanted the focus to perform at its best.

"I do not want to be too grandiose dreams of victory in this race," said the former Ferrari driver. "Yes, we are in fourth position, but there are strong riders in front.

"We just hoped to have the opportunity to ascend the podium. It (the win) is simply not realistic. To win from a position where we are ... it's too early to talk about it."

Schumacher added that he was not too surprised by his achievements, which could be closer to the rider in front, when compared with last year. According to him, McLaren looks good in Q3, and vice versa Red Bull Racing are still difficulties.

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