Sunday, March 4, 2012

Vettel Admits RB8 Not Yet Perfect

BARCELONA - Sebastian Vettel hoping to understand more deeply the car RB8 his mission to defend his world championship title could be achieved. In the last test, Vettel car was stopped on the track due to a problem that has not been identified.

"We stopped on the circuit, but fortunately at that position when it's not a lot of photographers, so that's good! Nice never having to stop, "Vettel said as quoted by Autosport, Saturday (03/03/2012).

"But we brought the car back and it's no big deal. After lunch we went back into the circuit and I think we do more than we wanted, "said Vettel.

In the test on Friday (2/3) is today, Vettel is third with a time of 1m23, 361 seconds or 0.7 seconds slower than Lotus driver Romain Grosjean who finished fastest.

"So far the test is running good but not perfect. Of course we want you to know the shortcomings that we need to improve but overall I feel good, "I Vettel.

"Hopefully we can make another step forward so that it all better," please racer from the 24-year-old German.

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