Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Vettel: Next Week We Make Difficult McLaren

Melbourne - Red Bull racer Sebastian Vettel said he was satisfied with second place finish F1 Australia on Sunday (18/3). These results, he says, proves RB8 in better condition than qualifications. "Congratulations to McLaren and Jenson (Button). He was driving the car was fantastic and was second to none today. I myself was pleased with both," commented the world champion 2010 and 2011.

Vettel recognition RB8 better about it has been demonstrated since the start of the race. With the start of the fifth position, the German driver Nico Rosberg was able to bulldoze from fourth place and rose again when Michael Schumacher finished third stop on lap 11.

Second place gets from Lewis Hamilton (McLaren) in the last pitstop. After that, try to catch Button Vettel in front, but do not have the time.

He said that the RB8 had a speed that has not been utilized and shown in Melborune. With a second place finish, Vettel said he was happy because this weekend for his team's toughest.

"That race is a positive for us, which we know to be difficult. Thus, a second look with a lot of points is important. Car (RB8) has so much potential and we want to trouble them next week," said Vettel.

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