Friday, March 23, 2012

Vettel: Red Bull No Need to Panic

Sebastian Vettel believes Red Bull Racing just needs more time on track to release its full potential in the track race 2012 Formula 1 season. According to the German rider, there are no fundamental problems in his RB8.

Red Bull, which is very dominant last season, was unable to beat McLaren in the series opener last week at the Australian GP. After losing in the qualifying session in which McLaren drivers, Lewis Hamilton, who won the pole position, Vettel in sixth, Red Bull is also back as Vettel lost the race only to finish in second place, behind his teammate Hamilton, Jenson Button.

This fact had led to speculation that Red Bull has been "sluggish". However, Vettel feels confident that his team will be stronger, it just needs time.

"I think we just need to track time to really understand what happened to the car," said Vettel, who was at Sepang to face the second series. "I do not think that we have a problem with the car."

2010 and 2011 world champion was also expressed his confidence after seeing the results of Australian GP. Because, after slumped in the qualifying session, Vettel was finally able to penetrate the second position.

"We have a lot of positives from the final race, we have not been too tough to win, but we believe 100 percent that this is a good start," said Vettel.

"Indeed, in terms of performance we would be pleased if more resilient, especially in qualifying, but these long years so there is no reason to panic."

"I think we are very motivated and hungry to make sure that McLaren cannot always be on top, but for now you must accept that they are very good at the weekend and had a very good preparation for the winter so we'll see what happens this weekend this. "

Vettel admitted, he was definitely not happy to come back to finish in second place if it has a chance to win in Sepang. However, he acknowledges, the results at the Albert Park Circuit, Melbourne, was encouraging because it is able to rise from adversity during qualifying.

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