Saturday, March 3, 2012

Webber: The Competition will be Tight in Australia and Ferrari still a Mysteries

Barcelona - Red Bull Mark Webber predicts that competition will be tight in Australia as the F1 season opening series of 2012 at the Albert Park circuit, 18 March. The reason is there are teams are not sure who tested this winter.

Analysts called the Red Bull and McLaren as the favorites to win the race in Australia. Webber admitted that the results of tests have been done yesterday (third) and there was good progress, although he was fourth fastest.

"We all want to quickly get in Melbourne and see all our work. But, I think the team has done a phenomenal in preparing the car and have been working hard," said Webber.

Australian rider recognizes there are some teams who appeared surprised and phenomenal. Cars are considered to be very tight, but Red Bull, like McLaren, Mercedes, Ferrari and Lotus. But, he believes that his team has made some steps forward.

"We have made progress, and so many things to consider. You have to be prioritized appropriately and works best on them (the team)," said Webber.

Ferrari still a Mysteries

Mark Webber admitted, Red Bull Racing will get resistance from a number of stringent competition Formula 1 team in the 2012 season. That is if you see the results of testing in Barcelona this weekend.

In a trial that took place on Saturday (03.03.12) at the Circuit de Catalunya, Red Bull use the chassis as well as revising some of his last appearances, including a new exhaust layout and front wing. But asked how the perceived differences, Webber said it was not too flashy.

"Honestly, not too drastic" A number of small changes make a difference is not massive, and we continue to execute our normal program," said the Australia rider.

"Tomorrow there are some new things, but not drastically. We will continue to work as expected."

In the pre-season testing this third day, Webber was ranked only eighth, and he closed to within half a second of the Sauber driver, Sergio Perez, who was in the forefront. According to him, this indicates that the competition will be held tight.

"It's important for us to focus on our program here. It is impossible to know what others are doing, and obviously there are a lot of teams are very, very quickly.

"Everybody today's record time of about 1 minute 22 seconds, which is certainly a lot of teams are fast, much faster car, and we need to keep working hard.

"People can talk all about what they want about us, but until we were over, we have a job to be done. So, the journey is still long enough."

Webber aware, McLaren seems to be the closest rival Red Bull. In addition, Lotus and Mercedes GP can be a serious threat.

"I think McLaren looks very tough, as well as a number of other teams," said Webber.

"We have seen a quick note from Romain (Grosjean). Kimi (Raikkonen) did not do a lot of tests today. A little mystery is a Ferrari.

Asked if F1 now seems to be more competitive in the competition at the front, compared to the year 2011, Webber replied: "I think so. As I have achieved in a number of occasions, was very thin line between all the teams, and Q2 will be interesting."

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