Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bahrai GP - Vettel Champion

Sakhir - After Jenson Button, Fernando Alonso and Nico Rosberg, fourth round of the 2012 F1 series which took place at the Sakhir circuit, Bahrain, Sunday (22/4) was won by Sebastian Vettel. Red Bull's 57 lap race was dominated from the start, without having met with resistance.

The appearance of world champion in 2010 and 2011 was much like when Nico Rosberg won the F1 China who started from pole position. Likewise with Vettel released from the front row and touched the finish line with a total time of 1 hour 35 minutes 10.990 seconds. This victory was immediately boost its position in the standings, from the fifth, became the first, after bagging 53 points.

This suggests that the success Vettel Red Bull will dominate the next racing circuit. Unfortunately, greatness is not followed by teammate Vettel, Mark Webber, who at the start of the third, less daring after the first corner, so that its position back one level so to finish fourth.

Strategies that run on Vettel Red Bull team are also appropriate. German rider's start with the soft compound tire capitalize, and the pitstop (PS) was first changed to the medium, followed by soft (PS II), then finally use the medium tires. This tactic is also applied to Webber. Only, he was defeated by the duo aggressive rider in Lotus.

Lotus great
In the 57 lap race to take this, the Lotus team deserves thumbs up, especially Kimi Raikkonen to the start of the sequence-11 and could finish in the No. 2. Strongly support the car's performance so that the appearance of former world champion in 2007 was so aggressive. The proof, is when the start, he can go through five cars at the first corner. Alonso is one of the first victims of Kimi, followed by Mark Webber. Until lap 20 he was already in third place behind Vettel and his colleague, Romain Grosjean.

On lap-24, turn Grosjean brushed so that Kimi was the second. Pitstop tactics that run just right. When PS II, he used the medium tires and can be attached to Vettel on lap 30 using the soft compound. Surprisingly, when Vettel into the pit on lap 34, Kimi should have kept going and could lead the race for several laps before entering. However, he took the steps to follow and Vettel had to settle for finishing in second place.

"The second result is pretty good for me and the team. I try to catch Sebastian, but his car fast enough. With these two positions have been thrilled," said Kimi.

Lotus cars are really fast in this race car driver is also seen in both of the team, Grosjean. He started from third position and can maintain its position, even coming in second place before overtaken by Kimi. He became the second rookie of the year, and getting on the podium after being occupied by Sergio Perez in Malaysia.

Meanwhile, the fate of Lewis Hamilton suffered less well. In fact, until lap nine, he was still in second place, and then dropped when the first PS. Crew replacement tires, especially the left rear, so it is rather difficult, as it leaves the pit, Webber and Alonso coming along behind it out first.

Conditions lengthy stays in the pit again suffered in PS II on lap 24 so that makes it back in position-11. When it tried to overtake on the straight track Rosberg, he almost touched. Rosberg is due to make a zigzag motion. Rosberg was also carried out actions against Alonso so the competition watchdog should investigate.

Hamilton's teammate, Jenson Button, fared even worse. He must enter the pits to change tires in the last two laps, making its position slipped to the 18th.

Bahrain GP  Competition Results

1.  Vettel                      Red Bull-Renault            1h35:10.990
 2.  Raikkonen           Lotus-Renault                      +     3.300
 3.  Grosjean              Lotus-Renault                    +    10.100
 4.  Webber                Red Bull-Renault                +    38.700
 5.  Rosberg              Mercedes                              +    55.400
 6.  Di Resta              Force India-Mercedes         +    57.500
 7.  Alonso                 Ferrari                                     +    57.800
 8.  Hamilton             McLaren-Mercedes              +    58.900
 9.  Massa                 Ferrari                                    +  1:04.900
10.  Schumacher     Mercedes                               +  1:11.400
11.  Perez                   Sauber-Ferrari                     +  1:12.700
12.  Hulkenberg       Force India-Mercedes         +  1:16.500
13.  Vergne               Toro Rosso-Ferrari               +  1:30.300
14.  Kobayashi        Sauber-Ferrari                       +  1:33.700
15.  Ricciardo          Toro Rosso-Ferrari                   +     1 lap
16.  Petrov                Caterham-Renault                   +     1 lap
17.  Kovalainen       Caterham-Renault                   +     1 lap
18.  Button                 McLaren-Mercedes                 +     1 lap
19.  Glock                 Marussia-Cosworth                 +    2 laps
20.  De la Rosa        HRT-Cosworth                        +    2 laps
21.  Karthikeyan      HRT-Cosworth                         +    2 laps
22.  Senna               Williams-Renault                     +    3 laps

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