Friday, April 27, 2012

Bahrain GP 2012 - Rosberg Free from Penalty

MANAMA - Mercedes drivers, Nico Rosberg could relieved after missing a penalty, after engaging in an incident with Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton. FIA inspectors who carried out investigations on the last Bahrain Grand Prix, Rosberg proved not guilty.

Rosberg accused of entering the fourth corner. The maneuver is performed Rosberg to take fifth place, could make Alonso and Hamilton thrown off the track.

Obviously it is not acceptable to both victims. The Ferrari driver Alonso is the harshest comment on the incident, to make the FIA inspectors conduct an investigation. But after watching the replay, a team of investigators led by former racing driver - Emanuel Pirro, did not see any irregularities in the maneuver Rosberg.

"Nico Rosberg starting maneuver from the right after exiting the third turn and again moved to the right with a constant force, and not make sudden movements," said Pirro.

"When the movement Rosberg, Hamilton did was in no whit behind him and there is another part of Hamilton's car sideways with Rosberg. So also with Alonso, "he added, as quoted gpupdate on Monday (4/23/2012).

Meanwhile, Alonso, who had heard the steward’s report, was not received at all. Loud booms while venting his wrath in his own Twitter account.

"I think you (Nico Rosberg) will continue to have fun in the next series! You can maintain a casual position and you can also overtake (other drivers) out of the track! Enjoy! ;))), "Alonso said sarcastically with a bang.

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