Friday, April 6, 2012

Button Praise McLaren Team Atmosphere

Shanghai - Jenson Button talks about the positive atmosphere within the McLaren team. He also expressed optimism in a race with the team nicknamed The Silver Arrows this season.
Button, who became world champion in 2009 when the race with Brawn GP, McLaren calls always have a chance in every season, although they are not competitive car. The British rider has two seasons with McLaren defended his best time was a runner-up in the 2011 season.

"Even when we do not have a competitive car, we remain confident that we will get a competitive car afterwards. You would not think, 'Well, I had a fun time here and it is time to move'," said Button in F1 Planet.

Button to talk about the good atmosphere overshadowed McLaren this season. The man who started his F1 career with Williams, it was said, McLaren is very ambitious to achieve something this season.

"We had a great atmosphere. Everybody thinks that we are a team full of atmosphere cold and gray. I had to think like that too when they first arrive, but I know they usually make a good car and has an interesting history."

"There is a desire to win is incredible here. People talk about how passionate it’s Ferrari, and they did so. However, I think no one realized passions in this team, and how much we want to achieve success," he said.

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