Saturday, April 14, 2012

F1 Racing - Alonso: Ferrari Still Too Slow

Shanghai - China Post Grand Prix qualifying results, Fernando Alonso once again complained about the slow pace of his F2012 car. He was then again asked Ferrari to compete immediately cleans up this season.

Although able to perform as the Grand Prix series champion in Malaysia three weeks ago, but the actual performance of Ferrari in the 2012 season so far has not been reflected as a great team.

Ferrari is always difficult to compete with the two main rivals, Red Bull Racing and McLaren Mercedes. Not only that sometimes the 'Prancing Horse' also lost rapidly from Mercedes GP, Lotus Renault or even Sauber, a team that uses the engine from the Italian manufacturer.

It occurs in both qualifying sessions and the free practice sessions, as well as in the third series in China this time. Alonso performed poorly in the three free practice sessions and only able to start at No. 9 on the race today at the Shanghai International Circuit.

Alonso and his Ferrari duo competition from Mercedes, Nico Rosberg and Michael Schumacher, who started 1-2 and Sauber driver, Kamui Kobayashi! Responding to these facts, Alonso admitted he had not dared to speak much about the championship title, although the current standings.

Furthermore Alonso, Ferrari is still much to be correct because after the time interval of three weeks after the race at Sepang, it has not been a difference, especially on the speed of the car.

"We all focus on the next race. I think a champion is Ferrari target every year, because of the history and the way this team race, with a passion to win. But obviously we're not stupid," Alonso said...

"We know we are still lagging far behind and in need of repair. One second is a big difference to be fixed, but the car had a big problem in terms of aerodynamics, which gives us optimistic if the team could be better, perhaps not one second. But with a large time difference if we can fix all the shortcomings, "he continued.

"This is our first priority. When we're satisfied with the car, we'll see how big the gap was. It was too big because everything is going well," added the Spaniard driver.

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