Saturday, April 14, 2012

F1 Racing - Hamilton Will Continue to Pursue the Podium

SHANGHAI - Although I have to start serving his sentence down position, from second to seventh position, McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton promised to immediately dash after the start. Hamilton targeted to re-take the podium in F1 series China, Sunday (04/15/2012).

"The result today is good enough for me. Unfortunately, I have to start at the seventh position. However, I will continue to press since the start of the race to overtake the rider in front," said Hamilton, Saturday (04/14/2012).

According to Hamilton, the competition will remain tight during the race because he will not give up until the finish line. British rider is confident in his ability and the ability of the car to grab the podium.

After qualifying, Hamilton also congratulates Nico Rosberg who won the pole position, because it can lead to considerable lapse of time away from him. Rosberg is rated as a young rider who is able to continue to develop themselves well.

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