Saturday, April 14, 2012

F1 Racing - Schumacher: It's time to Mercedes Team Win

SHANGHAI  - Seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher said, the success of two Mercedes team drivers, Nico Rosberg and himself, mastering two pole positions should be put to good use and to conquer. Mercedes team has never won during the 2011 season to win the F1 series China will raise the moral of all team members.

"Mastery of the two leading position is the result of hard work we all. Therefore, we must focus on the race in order to exploit this advantage to win," said Schumacher, Saturday (14/04/2012) at the Shanghai International Circuit.

Schumacher said it was not jealous of the success Rosberg took pole position. Senior German rider was even proud of his team mate who has matured in a world of F1 racing.

Schumacher also praised the hard work his team is capable of improving the quality of the engine and front wing. More and better quality car makes Schumacher and Rosberg increasingly competitive and ready to conquer.

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