Friday, April 6, 2012

Perez Could Compete for World Champion

At the beginning of the 2012 season is Sergio Perez to be a rising star on the F1 track. The Mexican driver was great store of confidence in three years if he could compete in the race world champion.
After finishing in the top eight in the series premiered in Australia, Perez made a great surprise at the Malaysian GP. Had stuck strictly to Fernando Alonso for the title, Ferrari Sauber driver was finally on the podium by finishing in second place.

On the best performance, Perez rumored Ferrari will soon be recruited. Cockpit is prepared for him are the property of Felipe Massa, who was sacked because the issue would fail to give good results.

Regardless of the news he preferred the Prancing Horse, Perez personally save great confidence in the ability of racing. In the next three seasons he believed he could compete for the title of world champion.

"In the future, my target is located in a great team and fight for victory. Most important is to have a car that gives me a chance to win," Perez said on NDTV and cited Crash.

"I believe in two or three years I will be fighting for world titles," said 22-year driver.

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